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About Us

Colorado Comics started as an eBay side business about 10 years ago. As avid collectors of Silver Age comics, we were aquiring way too many books and had to find them new homes. After years of this growing in scale, we were inadvertantly turning into a full fledged business. That’s when we decided to just go for it and open up Colorado Comics in earnest.

And what a great time and location to do this. The industry is hot now with all the movies, and Denver’s audience in particular is huge. Being long time natives, we couldn’t be prouder of our city. The fact that Denver Comic Con has grown to over 100,000 people in just 3 years is amazing. It is a testiment to just how many people here celebrate geek culture. We felt this town deserves a better comic book shop experience … and we aim to deliver.

Having run clothing retail shops and running a wholesale business in the past, we wanted to get back into retail and delivering great customer experience. We are currently looking for a more permanent location for our brick and mortar shop while we continue to e-tail and handle local pickup orders. We will be adding a lot more merchandise as we grow. Check back here often for a continuous stream of new rare and awesome silver age and modern age books, cool apparel, collectibles, games, supplies and more.